How to unlock iPhone 4

How to unlock iPhone 4 Quite at times, you go to check your iPhone, and it shows that your iPhone is disabled or try after 5 minutes or so on. Well, ever wondered why this …

How to unlock iPhone 4
How to unlock iPhone 4
How to unlock iPhone 4

How to unlock iPhone 4

Quite at times, you go to check your iPhone, and it shows that your iPhone is disabled or try after 5 minutes or so on. Well, ever wondered why this message pops up on your iPhone? Well, the answer is you are someone unknown who has entered a wrong passcode multiple times, and so the iPhone has been disabled. Whatever the reason, now your target is to get your iPhone unlocked to perform your essential tasks.

So, here in this article , we will be helping you out on how to unlock iPhone 4 with easy and simple steps. This will include a variety of methods so that you can choose the best one that suits your phone unlocking pattern. So let’s have a look at all these methods with step-by-step instructions.

Unlocking iPhone without iTunes via 3rd party tools:

While your iPhone is locked and you have essential work with your phone, you are worried about what to do when the iPhone pops up disabled mode for unlocking the phone. This method will surely help you out to solve your problem in just some simple and easy steps. This method deals with the situation when you cannot connect your iPhone to iTunes or Computer, so iMyFoneLockWiper is the remedy to this solution. Here’s how:

  • The very first step is to open iMyFoneLockWiper in your iPhone and click on Start. Now connect your phone with a USB cable.
  • The next step is to switch your iPhone into DFU mode. Alternatively, you can also you can switch your iPhone 4 into recovery mode. Once done, follow the next step.
  • After switching into the DFU mode, your iPhone will show all the information related to your device. There you will see a download option. You have to click download and get started. The firmware will get start downloading.
  • Now verify the firmware by clicking on the verify firmware option, which will be available on your screen just after you have downloaded the package.
  • Once verified, click on ‘Start Unlock’ to enter into the unlocking process.
  • You just have to double confirm by inputting “000000” to continue at the end steps.
  • Now everything is done, the unlocking process will get started, and you just have to wait for a few minutes for the successful unlock of your iPhone 4. After a few minutes, your iPhone 4 will get unlocked, and you are done with the steps.

Remember that this method wipes all your data and information so before performing this method, remember to have a backup.

Unlocking iPhone 4 without iTunes via iCloud

Here is another method when your iPhone 4 is disabled, and you have an emergency. You wonder how to unlock iPhone 4 and go to iTunes, but what when you have no backup? So, this method will help you unlock your iPhone without iTunes via iCloud in some easy and simple steps.

  • In the first step, you gave to or find My iPhone application from any other device.
  • Now you need to sign in with your Apple ID. This may or may not be a mandatory option if it asks to enter your Apple ID and go to the next step.
  • Click on “All windows,” which will just appear on the rightmost top of the browser window. Now select the device you want to delete.
  • Click on Delete device. Once the device is deleted, click on the Delete account button, and you are done. Your device has been unlocked.
  • Also, remember to backup your valuable data at the delete device step to avoid losing your personal data. After all these steps, your device will be unlocked for future use.

Unlocking iPhone 4 without iTunes via Siri:

For performing this method, hold the home button to activate Siri. Now ask for the current time or anything that can show you the clock.

Next, go to the World clock and add another clock and in the typing section, go to select the ‘Select all’ option.

Now you will see cut, paste, define, and other options. Choose the Share option in it, and you will see another window open on your screen.

In the other window, tap on the message icon to move further. Type something in the ‘To’ field and click the return button on your keyboard.

The above step will highlight your text in green color. Select the text and click on the plus icon, which will be right there on your screen. This will lead to the opening of another window on the screen.

When another window gets opened, you will see an option of Create new contact. Tap on create new contact option and follow the next step.

On this screen, add a photo by choosing the option to add a photo. This will open your photo gallery or album.

In your photo album, choose the desired photo of your own choice from any album you wish to. But remember not to select any image.

Do not select any photo and just exit the window by pressing the home button. And now go back to the home screen. And you are done with steps.

Although this is a lengthy method, trust me, this is the easiest and most effective method as this will work on all iPhone devices and let you unlock your iPhone 4 easily.

Unlocking iPhone 4 without iTunes or Computer:

This method deals with unlocking the iPhone without iTunes or a computer device. If you are looking to unlock your iPhone 4 without a Computer or iTunes, this method will surely help you. Although this is a hardware unlock option and can put your device at risk, but will unlock your iPhone 4 device.

For this method, you must find a local phone workshop firstly. Also, you must be aware of the warranty option, as this method will let you lose your warranty on your iPhone 4. As this is a hardware option unlock, the technicians definitely open your iPhone for performing this procedure. Once they open the phones, you can unknowingly lose many essential tools of your phone, which can lead to no use of your iPhone, and so as mentioned, this is a dangerous option for unlocking iPhone 4. This could be the last option to go to for unlocking your iPhone device for many of you. But, if you listen to me, I will highly recommend you not to use this method as this will lead to total damage to your phone and result in no use of the iPhone.


Summing up the article on how to unlock iPhone 4, we have included the best methods to unlock your iPhone 4 easily. Here we have mentioned different methods for different device compatibility. The safest and easiest method for you to unlock your iPhone 4 is unlocking iPhone without iTunes via the iCloud method. This method is not such a lengthy method, and also you can resolve your locked phone problem within seconds via this method. So you can easily go for this method. The last method, as already mentioned, is dangerous for your iPhone 4, so again I will recommend not using it unless and until all the available options are fired, and you are left with no other choice than to unlock iPhone through the hardware change option.

Go for the best and simple method that suits you and your iPhone in the best way, and do comment any such related queries of yours in the comments section below!

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